Interview With George

Who will Contour Fitness’ coaching work for?

We help women who’ve had a baby in the last 15 months with any results they want from losing their baby weight to strengthening their core and toning their whole body to getting a flatter stomach to getting fit so they can enjoy the activities they took part in before getting pregnant.

We also help women who want to lose a couple of stones or more who have struggled to lose weight in the past or don’t know where to start. We don’t want you starving yourself or going on an extreme diet to see results as you simply don’t have to.

What makes you different to other personal trainers?

If you look at our “About” page you will see the reasons I set up Contour Fitness. I specialise in post natal recovery and weight loss. I take a unique approach to helping people and these are my areas of expertise and I guarantee results. Other trainers may try to help everyone from someone who wants to lose weight to someone who wants to run a marathon and everything in between. I know my areas and I have a vast amount of experience working with customers who share these goals. I don’t use a set programme for training individuals and everyone gets a tailored plan which helps them see results quicker & easier than if they were to try another method. Plus I make my sessions fun so you can exercise with a smile on your face.

I am really unfit and have not exercised in a very long time. Can you help me?

I treat each person differently and the coaching is tailored to you. I have different training methods for each level of fitness so you can feel confident that you will be able to get involved with every aspect of each training session.

I have tried to exercise before and it wasn’t enjoyable, why should I try again?

There are so many different types of exercise and we make our training fun. You will find yourself with a smile on your face during each session. If there is something you don’t like, we don’t do it. It’s that simple.

What do I need to have to train with you?

All you need are some trainers and some loose/sports clothing. You don’t need any equipment. Any homework you get involves items that you have in your house or use your body weight to get you working.

If I join group training I am worried that the others will be fitter than me or won’t feel the same as I do

You don’t need to worry about anyone being fitter than you as each exercise has a different level to it and you’ll be able to get involved. Each group session has like minded people to you with similar goals and I find that this helps each member achieve their targets faster.

I think I would love to train with you but I have some questions – can I contact you?

Of course. Please contact me at or call me on 07837 171 939 and I’ll
be happy to answer your questions.

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