Welcome to Contour Fitness

Contour Fitness offers fun, friendly and professional Post Natal and Weight Loss training for women that is guaranteed to get results. Our Post Natal training is for new mums with a baby between 6 weeks and 15 months old. We have found that we are able to help women over the age of 30 best when is comes to our Weight Loss training, but that doesn’t mean that if you fall outside that bracket we can’t help.

At Contour Fitness our goal is to see every woman happy and confident that they look and feel great and can wear the clothes they want. Whether they want to look after their child pain free and get a stronger more toned body or lose weight without starving themselves we can help.

We offer 1-to-1 and small group personal training. George, our personable lead trainer, makes each session fun and tailored to your goals. It doesn’t stop there as you get coaching outside of your sessions which makes it easy to see the results you want. This may be that you have homework exercises or you get advice on your diet as well as looking at your lifestyle to see how it is affecting your goals.

What Makes Us Different

Highly Specialised and Passionate Trainers

George, the owner at Contour Fitness, has a vast amount of coaching experience and holds Burrell Education’s advanced qualifications in modern post natal exercise and nutritional prescription. This is on top of his personal training level 3 qualification and other CPD qualifications such as kettlebells, TRX & Zuu training . Every customer who has come to George to lose weight has succeeded which shows his coaching works. It works because he is passionate about seeing people achieve their goals. He has first aid and insurance.

Professional Facilities

Our sessions take place in a welcoming and modern private studio so you do not have to feel self conscious going into a busy gym not knowing where to start or feeling like someone is judging you. We have all the equipment you will ever need to get results including resistance bands, kettlebells, slam balls, dumbbells, power bags, suspension trainers and much more.

Family Atmosphere

Contour Fitness is a small, caring and sociable health and fitness company which strives to bring out the best in each individual. We endeavour to deliver a high level of customer service at all times and are enthusiastic and organised in our approach to fitness coaching.

Babies are welcome at our post natal sessions

If you are a new mum looking to start exercise you are welcome to bring your baby along to the sessions with you so you can save money on a creche.

We are truly passionate about health and fitness

We want to pass our love of fitness and healthy living on to all our customers so they are able to live their lives happily and disease free and pass this knowledge onto their family and future generations.

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